The CARGO VAN Group has more than 70 year long history of successful body kit production. Already in the 30-ties of the last century, the Brown brothers build the first standard aluminium body kit. The production gradually expanded from USA to Europe – Germany, United Kingdom, France and by the end of the last century also to Czech Republic.

Today The CARGO VAN Group is the leading producer of body kits for commercial vehicles and trailers. To fulfil all customer needs, our company has more than 18.000 m2 of production surface in two production plants – in France and Czech Republic. The CARGO VAN products are not sold only to Europe, but also to northern Africa and to Middle East.


The CARGO VAN body kits are assembled from prefabricated parts, which allow mounting on any kind of truck, trailer or chassis. The fast and easy assembly is possible thanks to the unique system of aluminium SNAP LOCK system. This system enables middle sized aluminium CARGO VAN kit to be mounted within 45 minutes!

Advantages of the SNAP LOCK system compared to screw mounted kits:

  • significantly shorter mounting time
  • tight connection on the whole length of the profile
  • easy assembly even in places, where other systems fail

The CARGO VAN kits save your time and money!


The CARGO VAN group is renowned mainly due to its production of kits for light trucks and trailers. We offer kits and accessories made from aluminium sheets, FRP panels, isolated panels and side curtains.

CARGOVAN products:

  • Aluminium kits
  • FRP kits
  • Insulated kits
  • Curtain sider kits
  • Subframes, lutons, polyester parts, panels

We do not produce “standard” kits, we solve individual needs of our customers. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of body kits production and development, we can offer to our customers always the right solution.

The CARGO VAN Group – always a solution


You will be certainly stunned by our short delivery terms. Do not hesitate to contact our sales departments on the phone numbers +33 (0)2 38 34 55 00 or +420 547 427 928 and convince yourselves.


  • round roof
  • flat roof
  • aluminium roof
  • skylight in the roof
  • transparent GFK-roof
  • holes for electrical installation
  • standard / round bottom profile
  • anodized profiles
  • universal lashing rails
  • recessed lashing bars
  • inside lining with plywood
  • kick strip
  • standard rear frame (post 60, 80, 90 mm)
  • pallet rear frame – steel, galvanised or stainless (post 40, 50 mm)
  • stainless rear frame, thickness of the material 2 or 3 mm
  • colour versions of the rear frame – any of the RAL palette
  • different types of the rear doors
  • rear flap
  • flap covering the whole height of the rear frame
  • rear frame for roller shutter door
  • overhang aluminium 90°
  • overhang aluminium 30°
  • 1-wing side door
  • 2-wing side door
  • slide side door (only aluminium kits)
  • side roller shutter door
  • side windows
  • side flap
  • side flap over the whole side panel
  • wheel passage
  • plate colours – any of the RAL palette
  • subframe
  • lutons
  • polyester parts
  • panels




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